Choosing to home school your child or children is a big decision to make, and many parents and guardians like to integrate private tuition into the learning process. There are lots of key benefits here: including the fact that tutors can offer more in-depth information about certain key subjects and topics, they also may be more experienced in the act of teaching itself, and can help to identify any gaps in knowledge or particular areas for improvement.

It certainly helps to ward off the feeling that you’re going it alone as a parent that’s made the decision to home school, since you have a professional on hand to fill the gaps that you feel you have as your child’s teacher, and to offer advice on key parts of the learning experience, such as GCSEs and other exams. In fact, a tutor can become a fountain of knowledge, providing all the support you need as you navigate a tricky but incredibly rewarding learning experience for your child.

Find the Right Tutor!

In order to get the best results, it’s important to be sure that you’re working with the right tutor: somebody who has specialist knowledge in particular subjects and, most importantly, the level of education. For instance, if your child is approaching their GCSEs, it certainly makes sense to find a tutor who has helped other students sail through these exams!

This is why the matching process is so important to us at Abacus Tutors; we never use computer matching, instead taking the time to individually assess your needs and find the right tutor for you. This makes a huge difference to the relationship that they are able to build with your family, as well as the results that they can help your home-schooled child achieve.

Understanding the Student

One thing which makes home-schooling particularly appealing to parents is the fact that students can have a more focused lesson, tailored precisely to their own learning needs. A home-schooling tutor can help get the best out of this experience by understanding the student’s needs, identifying their learning style and delving into any gaps in their knowledge.

The wide variety of different tutoring styles available from the team of tutors we work with means that you can ensure that home-schooling allows your child to have lessons that play to their strengths, as well as plenty of one-on-one time with experienced professionals.

Contact Abacus Tutors to Chat About Home School Tutoring

We understand that in the case of home-schooling, perhaps even more than with other forms of tutoring, you will have unique needs and maybe even concerns to address – and that is why we encourage anybody who is interested in these services to give us a call and chat through all of the options. Many of our tutors can also provide over-the-phone and internet support, so if scheduling or location is an issue, we should still be able to accommodate your needs.

Head over to our contact page to get in touch and find out more information. Somebody will always be available to answer your questions, and get you set up with a tutor that has the right knowledge and experience to help make your home-schooling journey a successful one.