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We Have a Tutor For You

As you might expect, On-line Skype tuition is available in some subjects. Please contact us for details. Abacus Tutors offers Skype tuition in several subject areas. These areas include:- English, Mathematics, ICT and Business Studies, as well as for the examinations of selective schools, such as 11+ or Common Entrance. Skype tuition enables the student to learn over the computer with one of our experienced Skype tutors.
Skype may be downloaded free of charge and your experienced Skype tutor will explain what happens next.
What then is Off-line Tuition? By this, we mean through Correspondence. You would be surprised the help a tutor can provide without having face-to-face lessons. You can send us your queries by post or e-mail, or speak to a tutor on the phone.

You might need a Tutor to help you:-

• Explain how you should set out your Coursework.
• Make your exam preparation more effective.
• Structure your Revision programme.
• Explain concepts that you have not understood fully.
• Prepare NOTES or Handouts or Model Answers to your Questions.
• Prepare Questions and Mark Work.
• Proof read your Essays or Dissertation.

Private Tuition is both highly personal and private as it is on a strict one-to-one basis. This is ideal for setting and monitoring study programmes.

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