A-levels are an important time in every student’s life, and for anybody who is looking to meet the entry requirements of a specific university or other higher education choice it can also be quite stressful. Individual tutoring can help to relieve some of that pressure by helping a student get their head around material that they may have found challenging, and strengthen their skills in a specific subject.

Since a confident and well-prepared student is a student who will not only shine in their exams and coursework, but also retain their knowledge of a subject into the future, our aim is to make A-level preparation and tutoring fun and rewarding by adapting our lessons to suit the needs of each individual.


When you first start receiving tutoring from Abacus, we’ll want to know all about the course that you’re studying, the material that you’re learning and the results that you hope to achieve. This allows us to not only match you with the appropriate tutor, but also to ensure that the lessons we give are perfectly matched to the course that you’ve been studying and the topics that you have found the most challenging.

With many different exam boards providing the A-level syllabus for students across the country, we take care to find out about the details of your course, and the specifications that are made by your specific exam board. This means that we can spend our time working on the material that will actually affect the grades that you achieve.


For most students working hard to ace their A-levels, the end goal is a place at one of their chosen universities, and it’s always great to see students that we have offered A-level tutoring to achieving this. Moving from college to university can be a big change for many students. We’re pleased that each of our tutors can offer a strong grounding that will leave you far better prepared to keep up with the pace of higher education

We can also offer tutoring for Pre-U courses; these alternative qualifications are similar to A-levels, designed to offer a broader range and depth than the traditional A-level qualification. Our tutoring for these courses will be similarly tailored to their unique specifications and demands of the Pre-U syllabus, ensuring that you can feel confident and, crucially, enjoy your studies.


From extra-curricular commitments to an active social life, we know that college is a hectic time for most young people and their parents. With this in mind, we offer a very flexible approach to all of our tutoring services, with tutorials based in your home, but also available over skype or even via offline correspondence.

With each of these options, you’ll have the opportunity to go through your notes from class, get help building an effective revision timetable and discuss what material to prioritise during your revision; your tutor will also explain course content in a style which is appropriate for your own learning style and give you practice questions to complete. These are the building blocks of a great A-level education, and with your tutor’s support you will be able to get a proper grasp on the subjects that you have found challenging in the past.

One-to-one support will also mean that your tutor can become a real mentor and role model, becoming somebody who helps you to stay motivated – making A-level tutoring very different to the classroom experience!


If you feel like these services are exactly what you need to feel ready for your next piece of coursework or exam period, we’d love to hear from you: you can give us a call at 01344 862 286 or contact us online – either way, we’ll chat through what you need and find the most appropriate tutor from our register.