Mathematics is unbelievably important for understanding the world around us, and if you have plans to work within a scientific discipline, a strong knowledge of maths will be essential. However, even for people who don’t intend to take their study of maths any further, it offers a lot of very valuable knowledge – maths is used every day in basic tasks like telling the time and paying for purchases, in jobs like bookkeeping and office administration, and in making life decisions such as choosing a bank account or even a mortgage.

This means that learning and understanding maths is about a whole lot more than simply passing exams, although we can certainly help with that too! No matter what stage of education you’re at, we will focus on adapting our maths tutoring to suit your goals, the specifics of the course that you’re studying and the material that you find the most challenging.


The study of maths is split up into multiple sub disciplines, many of which are broken up into their own modules at GCSE and A-level. For students studying on these courses, we can offer dedicated tutoring sessions designed to help with pure mathematics, decision maths, statistics or mechanics depending on your needs. Generally, we find that students may excel in one area but struggle with another, som our aim will be to help you grow in confidence in the areas that you find difficult, but also to ensure that you retain your understanding of areas that you find more straightforward.

Our tutors can also provide support for the study of further mathematics, challenging students that already have an understanding of the basics to meet their potential and really succeed. By tailoring our help to fit the requirements of your coursework, GCSE exams or A-level exams we hope to see our students achieve their own personal goals, and go onto further study at college and university if desired.


Every student is different: you may be learning about fractions, coming to algebra for the first time or delving into the world of further pure mathematics, and these all require very different types of tutoring. It’s also true that different people digest information in very different ways, meaning that you should expect any tutoring that you receive to be matched to your own unique learning style. The benefit of one-to-one sessions withs maths tutors in Wokingham, especially when compared to teaching in the classroom, is that the entire lesson is designed for you.

We also work with students of many different ages, and can offer our services to adults who may need to pass maths qualifications in order to pursue a new career, as well as children who will be taking the 11 plus, high school pupils and college students. For those with a busy schedule, skype sessions or offline correspondence may be available to help you achieve your goals without disrupting the rest of your life.


Our method is all about carefully matching students with the professional that we think has the most to offer them, so we’d love to have a chat with you and get an idea of what you’re hoping to achieve through using personal maths tutors in Wokingham – we won’t use computer matching, since getting the right tutor is so important, as over time they should become your mentor!

Call us today on 01344 862 286 if you’d like any more information; you can also get in touch online via our contact page. Our friendly team will be more than happy to talk you through the options.