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Looking for an Experienced,
Knowledgeable Private Tutor?

Each tutorial starts with an objective and ends with a recapitulation of what has been achieved.

The tuition fee is payable on a lesson-by-lesson basis by cheque or cash to the tutor. The fee you pay represents the Tutor’s fee and the agency fee. For lessons in your home, the tutor may charge a travel supplement representing both the time and cost of the journey. We try to avoid this happening as most of our students are taught without such a charge being made. Tutorials of 90 minutes or longer are much less likely to charge any travel component at all. 90- minute tutorials work well for secondary-aged students preparing for public examinations.


We ask parents to provide 24hours notice to tutors whenever they need to cancel a lesson, otherwise tutors can charge the full fee for the session. We expect our tutors to be sympathetic in cases of sudden illness, as this is unavoidable and occurs infrequently. Tutors will charge for sessions where they arrive to find no student available or lessons have been cancelled repeatedly.

Home Schooling

An increasing number of students have begun home-schooling in the last few years. School fees can be very expensive, although parents have chosen to pay them for what they perceive as a higher standard of education. Home –schooling coupled with one-to-one private tuition can achieve an equivalent result for a fraction of the cost.

Adult Education

We offer tuition to adults who might not have gained all the qualifications they required whilst in formal education and now wish to acquire new skills.

To Book a Tutorial,
Contact Us

When you contact us, in addition to your Name, Address and Phone number , the Subject you require & Level , we will ask which institution the student attends. We would also be pleased to receive any other relevant details at this stage.

Working With You to Achieve Your Best

We contact the tutor after speaking to you and ask the tutor to contact you directly. This enables you to satisfy yourself as to the choice of tutor. All our tutors will have provided good references and a DBS Enhanced disclosure.

What Next?

You should now book the time, date & venue of the initial lesson with the tutor. We will contact you within 24 hours to confirm the arrangements made or to advise you if we are unable to find a tutor.

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