In the modern world, business and economics are two of the most valuable skills you can learn, having applications across almost every sector and industry and therefore opening up an incredibly wide range of career options.

From working in top firms, to government jobs and even starting a company of your own, we’re increasingly seeing students choosing to focus on these subjects in higher education. If you have your sights set on a degree in one of these areas, you will probably want to study them throughout school and college – and Abacus Tutors’ business and economics tutoring services can help you get the grades that will put you on a path to success.

Business Studies Tutoring: Understanding Theory and Practice

Business studies is a very complex subject, and many students start their A-level course without any prior experience; even those who have studied it at GCSE level will find the material quite different. This means that there can be a somewhat steep learning curve, and business tutoring is one way in which students can keep up with the new material and ensure that they have the confidence to work with it.

One of the challenges that comes with a business studies course is the need to learn both the historical and theoretical contexts of many different business practices, and their practical application in the contemporary world. If you find one aspect of the course more challenging, a tutor will be able to focus on this material with you, going back over the sections that you would like to build upon.

Economics Tutoring: Growing the Right Skills

Achieving the results that you need in your economics A-Levels means bringing a lot of different skills together; it is a subject which involve mathematical capability, problem solving, an ability to understand and analyse trends and theoretical concepts, and a knowledge of historical context. We often find that students excel at some aspects of their course but struggle with others – and if this sounds familiar, then tutoring could be exactly what you need to build up confidence across every aspect of the course.

Our economics tutoring services can include helping you get to grips with material that you find particularly frustrating, assisting with exam preparation and helping you put together a productive revision schedule, and taking you through practice questions and worksheets. And, if you plan to go on to study an economics based degree, we will also help you work towards getting the grades that you need for your desired universities.

Why Study Business and Economics?

If you’re still in the position of choosing your options, you may be wondering whether or not business studies and economics are the right choices for you. Students who do go on to focus on these subjects can find that they set them up for careers including marketing, law, financial services, diplomacy, investment banking and government work – all of which are incredibly competitive and desirable careers.

They are also invaluable choices for anybody who dreams of going on to own their own business or start-up company. Here are a few of the skills that might make business or economics the right choice for you:

  • Logical problem solving skills
  • A clear and concise writing style
  • The ability to simplify complex information
  • An understanding of mathematics, in particular algebra and calculus
  • Dedication and drive – these can often be quite intensive courses

Our business tutoring and economics tutoring services can help you develop these skills if you feel like you’re lacking in certain key areas, as we will tailor our approach both to your syllabus and to your personal needs.

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