Physics is behind many of the biggest discoveries and innovations in our world, making much of our modern life possible… so it’s no wonder so many people are drawn into studying it! It’s also a great subject to learn if you’re key focus is employability, since there is almost always a shortage of talented staff in STEM fields. Simply put, physics is an inspiring subject, an incredibly useful subject, and even a fun one.

That said, physics is also pretty big. Encompassing an enormous range of different topics – from the atomically small to the galactically large – can make it a challenge for students. It may be that you’re drawn in by the subject matter, but find it difficult to get your head around some of the equations. Or perhaps you’ve got an excellent grip on most of the subject, but there are one or two particular topics that keep throwing you off. It also could be the case that you don’t want to carve out a career in a physics related area, or study it further… you just need to improve your grade to help get into your college or university of choice.

Professional Tutors Matched to You

If any of these scenarios ring true to you, then professional physics tutoring from Abacus Tutoring could seriously help.

Our method involves finding out more about you, by discussing the goals that you’re looking to achieve through tutoring as well as the specific needs that you have. We can also chat about factors such as learning style and how much time you’re looking to spend in tutoring. Once we have all the details, we’ll be able to match you with the right professional: an experienced tutor who can give you real help with your physics work.

We’ll also consider the stage of education that you’re at – whether you’re studying for A-Levels, GCSEs, or an adult education course. This crucial precision in getting you set up with the right tutor means that we never use computer-matching, one of the things that sets our physics tutoring services apart.

Physics Tutoring for A-Levels

One of the biggest demographics that we work with is A-level students, and this is certainly no different when it comes to physics. During your first year as a college student, tutoring is particularly useful for overcoming the gap between GCSE physics and what’s expected from you once you start you’re A-level. From experience, we know that this is a period that takes some real adjustment, and having a tutor available to help you learn the material while also offering mentoring and encouragement can be incredibly beneficial.

Then, as you start thinking about university applications and getting the grades to make it into your first choice. Again, tutoring can give you the necessary confidence boost to help you ace your exams, and ensure that you’re focussing on the material that you find most challenging.

No Planet Too Big, No Particle Too Small

With our great collection of knowledgeable and experienced tutors, no physics topic is out of bounds. Nuclear physics, relativity, modern physics, statistical mechanics and much, much more – we’re happy to help you get to grips with any part of your physics syllabus.

You can also combine physics tutoring with other subjects such as chemistry, biology, maths and English language to ensure that you’re ready to perform to the best of your ability. If face to face meetings are difficult to manage, take a look at our internet, phone and post services and see if they are a better fit for your needs.

We look forward to hearing from you, and to helping you progress towards the next step in your education.