Alongside Maths and Science, English Literature is one of the core subjects that all students should aim to have as part of the foundation of their learning. It can help us to understand our country and the culture that we are surrounded by every single day, offer historical knowledge on a range of different cultures and valuably support English Language skills by demonstrating the best examples of writing that the language has to offer.

Our English Literature tutoring aims to help give students a thorough understanding of the subject, whatever level you are currently working at, while also offering the confidence and depth of knowledge which leads to a real love of the subject. Whether it means looking at the fundamental skills which underpin the subject, or studying specific texts in-depth ready for exams, we’ll provide tutoring at the appropriate level for your needs.


The tutors that we provide are keen to work with students of any ages, so while we can certainly provide support to your child and help them succeed at school, we’re also happy to work with teenagers and adults. Perhaps you need to brush up on your English Literature skills ready to achieve an adult qualification? We’ll look at the specifics of the course that you are dealing with and adapt the material that makes up your tutoring sessions accordingly.

English Literature is an incredibly diverse discipline, so it’s very important that our tutors are also prepared to deal with texts from throughout the ages. From classic authors like Shakespeare, the Bronte sisters and Robert Browning to the experimental work of the modernists or the culturally charged work of contemporary authors, we can help you get to grips with the key themes and issues explored in any text that you’ve been asked to study.


One of our most popular services, tutoring while studying for your A-levels can help you ace that all important piece of coursework and feel more prepared for your exams, and is especially valuable if you’re trying to achieve specific grades to meet university requirements.

A-level courses expect you to be able to explore some reasonably challenging texts, but with Abacus Tutors at your side this certainly doesn’t have to put you off! Few things are more satisfying than understanding one of Shakespeare’s surprisingly frequent jokes or identifying a subtext that lies deep under the surface of one of your set texts, and with a tutor supporting you by aiding with revision materials, explaining difficult bits of text and challenging you to explore further, you’ll be able to experience these triumphs for yourself.

Analysing poetry and prose in depth also means learning about the many different formal elements: sentence structure and syntax, rhythm and metre, and different rhetorical tools used to stir emotions in the reader are all important aspects of a comprehensive English education. These aspects of a course can often prove particularly frustrating to students, however with English Literature tutoring designed to introduce you to each new term at your own pace, you’ll overcome any fears that you have – and even grow to love it.


Our method is based on personally matching you with one of our many experienced tutors, by carefully considering the details that you provide alongside the expertise of the tutors that we work with. And, since we also offer tutoring via Skype and offline correspondence, many of our tutors can be flexible enough to fit in with your own busy life. So why not contact us at 01344 862 286 or online thoday and start writing the next chapter of your education?