While many of our services are geared towards young students who are sitting their GCSEs or A-Levels for the first time, we also offer a range of adult tutoring services – after all, it’s never too late to learn a new skill or get a qualification that will help you realise your career goals.

We know that adult learners choose to take many different kinds of courses and qualifications for a huge range of different reasons, and that’s why all of the adult tutoring services that we provide are designed to be tailored to your specific, individual needs. This can be particularly beneficial for adults who found they were never engaged at school, as one to one sessions with an adult who considers you their peer are very different to classroom lessons that have to try and cater to everyone.

Adult Tutoring for Key Subjects

Many employers and adult education courses consider certain subjects to be absolute essentials -in particular Maths and English. If you don’t have a qualification – such as a GCSE – in either of these subjects, then you might find that it has set you back throughout your adult life. This is one of the most common reasons that we see adults returning to education, and we’re pleased to be able to tailor our services very specifically to suit those of you who are planning to re-sit these important examinations.

It’s common for people to fall out of love with these subjects as a child and carry a sense of self-doubt through into their adult lives; how often do we hear somebody say they’ve “never been any good” with words or numbers? However, most adults find that returning to these subjects offers an entirely different experience, while choosing to support your studies with our adult tutoring can help you overcome any confidence issues while also developing your understanding of core concepts.

Specialist Tuition Classes

While we find that core curriculum subjects are the most popular adult education needs, we can also provide tutoring in a wide range of other subjects which might help you take your career in a whole new direction, or qualify for a university course that you have always wanted to try your hand at.

Ultimately we can provide an experienced tutor to match almost any adult education need – so if you are interested in a particular subject, qualification or other aspect of subject please do get in touch – it is more than likely that we’ll be able to help you!

Tutoring Options to Fit Your Busy Schedule

You may have commitments to your job or your children, you may have a busy schedule that makes it difficult to squeeze anything else in… so how are you supposed to add tutoring to your list of weekly tasks? Well, this is where we try to make things as easy as possible, by offering flexibility both in terms of the times that we offer for tutoring sessions, and the method of tutoring itself.

For instance, adult learners who simply can’t set aside the time to meet in person with one of our tutors may benefit instead from our online and offline correspondence options. These include setting up skype or phone conversations – and some tutors are even able to interact with their students via post. They will still be able to provide you with the same standard of support, explaining material and helping you prepare for exams, however you will be communicating on your terms!

Contact Abacus Tutors to Access Our Adult Tutoring Services Today

We would love to support you in learning new subjects and skills, so if our service sound like a great fit, why not get in touch today? We’ll discuss your specific needs and match you to the perfect tutor – all you have to do is call us on 01344 862 286 or get in touch online.